youth sports

Why did we spend so much time playing youth sports. I do not know about you – but for me, I mean sports were such a big part of my life. Like after school I basically always had practice. My coaches were mean. I remember being afraid of practice. I was not a star athlete. But I played a lot. I lost a lot. I benched a lot. But I learned to win. And to love winning. I played with my friends. I made friends. I lost some friends but mainly made friends. Like a huge part of my childhood was sports. Basketball. Soccer. Baseball. Basically in that order.

And looking back I think to myself – wow that was a lot of time spent on things that did not really amount to much. I am not a professional athlete. And realistically I never would have been a pro. I mean my parents knew that.

So why did we care so much?

Why did I practice so much?

Why did I think…why did I think it mattered?

I mean it did matter. It was everything. I wanted to make the teams. I wanted to win. I wanted to be something great on the court/field/etc.

But why?

I mean society made it cool. I worshipped kobe. Thought he was goated. And I read about him. I watched him on TV. I woke up before school and would watch these elite people play.

And then I shlepped my way to practice. Like I remember it vividly. Forget the games. I mean I played games. I traveled for games. But practice. Like 3-4 times a week. I was in a gym. Or on the court. Sweating. Sweating hard. Like beating up my body. Learning to compete.

I am happy I did. Maybe it does not read that way. I mean I am not sure I did it the right amount. Should I have been playing chess? Or learning history? Or practicing science?

I think the answer to this is that childhood is so much. So many complex systems. We do not really understand it still.

But I do know that sports taught me a lot. They still do. I still like the competition. The discipline of playing sports. Team sports. Was humbling. Competition was humbling.

How much I cared about a thing was humbling. How much parents cared about a thing was humbling.

Why we care? Well thats an unanswered prompt in my head still. But do I regret caring? No.

I just wish I could care that much about anything again.

That is what I am after.






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