wolf in sheep’s clothing

I started writing about this analogy the other day for the first time and I really liked it. So I want to dig deeper into it. The idea is the title of this essay. It’s this idea of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

You have probably heard people talk about the sheep in wolf’s clothing. It’s about people who seem to be all scary but really are soft on the inside. They try to act like they are all independent minded but in doing so they reveal just how much they care about what others think. It’s like the opposite of being truly independent minded. It’s caring so much abut what other people think that you are basically paralyzed. And you hide by putting on wolf’s clothing. But when it comes to decision making, when it comes to actually doing things — well you are playing status games just as much as any other person. I write this with an amount of clarity because I am not immune to this in all respects. There are areas and perhaps more accurately eras of my life whereI was in the wolf store picking out some clothing. Where I was thinking how to present myself to such a degree that I was trying to be someone I wasn’t.

There’s also, though, the case of the opposite. I would say I fall into this later bucket at times but generally not. Generally I feel incapable of this. Which is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. The opposite of the above. This is a dangerous character. It’s the person that looks like a sheep. You may talk to them and walk away thinking they are quite dumb or silly or naive. And then in reality, they are the wolf. They are just patient in person and allowing you to talk yourself into oblivion.






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