Where does your hatred come from?

What do you hate? How often?

I find hate to be a rather strong word. I try not to use it lightly and certainly do not *feel* it lightly. I tend to reserve my personal hatred—the list of stuff, people, and thoughts that I absolutely despise with every bone in my body—to *really* bad things (or at least things I determine to be really bad).

I honestly avoid hating things where possible. Haters going to hate—as they say—but being a hater, at least for me, is not particularly fun. It honestly is draining! Complaining all the time, finding faults for the sake of finding faults with no explicit purpose in mind.

When is the last time you HATED something? Do you remember what that feels like? What it feels like to REALLY hate something? I am not talking about being bothered or annoyed or frustrated.

I am talking about hatred—real, vibrant hatred. It is a somatic sensation; your body ripples with the emotion. You can feel it in your gut. You can sense it in your eyes. Hating.

Have you ever thought about where that hatred comes from? What is the feeling behind the feeling?

Why are you so mad? Why are you so angry? Why are you so emotional?

Is HATE an aggressive emotion or _actually_ a sad one?

Why is it that the things we hate are capable of transforming our lives SO much? Why do we allow the things and people we despise to OWN REAL ESTATE in our heads?

The opposite of love is not hate. It is indifference.

I find my hate of others (or things or ideas) often comes from my own personal insecurity. An urge I feel to blurt out my thoughts and “correct” the world. I emotionally react because I feel misunderstood, and so I project that emotion onto the world. I feel an urge to control the situation, and so I try to alter the environment around me.

I find this coping mechanism to be effective in doses but not as great as I once imagined. Sometimes…and really often times…being more like water pays off.






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