What if everything went right?

Yesterday, I wrote about the merits (and freedom around) choosing positivity in your day-to-day life. The TL;DR of the ramble is that in any given circumstance, no matter how bad or ugly a situation may be, _you_ have the choice of how to respond (as either THE HERO, responsible for your outcomes, or THE VICTIM, deferring control to the world).

Today’s exploration is adjacently related, as it poses a similarly optimistic prompt: “What would happen if everything went right?”

In dealing with pessimism, or perhaps those around you CHOOSING to see _strictly the negative lens of a situation_, it may be worth reminding yourself—you, the one who chose to take the HERO ARC TO LIFE—that you could imagine a world where, however unlikely, things went right.

And for the sake of fun (and extreme neurotic thoughtfulness), let’s define “things going right” not just as a “positive case scenario.” Let’s define the upside situation as THE positive case scenario. The scenario where things going REALLY REALLY RIGHT. Your wildest dreams—however unlikely to occur—actually DO happen. Your company actually does achieve the OUTLIER outcome. You actually DO create the totally impossible vision. The thing that everyone else told you was SO SO SO unlikely to work, worked.

What, then?

Are you happy then? Are you successful? Is that winning? What does that vision look like?

How much have you thought about this imaginary future?

I find, through my own interactions with others, that a lot of people leave this OPTIMISTIC CASE SCENARIO out of their vision. Even startup founders tend to shoot lower than what is prescribed as the ULTIMATE CASE SCENARIO. They write it off as “improbable”, therefore not worthy of being hyper-discussed or bet on.

So often, this expected value is not developed from first principles but rather the influence of others. You read things on the internet or hear (often unsolicited advice-filled) stories from others (who are supposedly “Experienced”) and you deem your vision to be unlikely to be possible.

So then you give up on that and shoot for a lower, less ambitious future.

But I am an advocate for things going right. For at least imagining things going right, and then asking yourself if that SUCCESSFUL VISION is sufficiently exciting and energizing.

Sometimes, I run into people who have not thought deeply about this question. This question could be applied to anything. Work. Family. Life. Etc.

What happens if everything goes right?

Let’s imagine that world. And then figure out how you fit into it. If it all does go right, will you have achieved your ambitions and goals.

Sometimes, I find people are working extremely hard on something but are not even sufficiently excited by a future where everything DOES go right. They would save a lot of time – and energy – by thinking about that before _going all the way down the rabbit hole_.

I try to work on things where I am energized by the BEST CASE SCENARIO…because I believe that however unlikely the PROBABILITIES, I am capable of delivering on the CONDITIONAL PROBABILITY, the idea that my odds of achieving something (especially something I care about in the best case scenario) are far different from the generalized probability.






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