too many ideas

I have too many ideas. Perhaps not too many. But like I feel like I have a lot. A lot is a relative statement. I feel like I have more than the average person. And also more than the above average person. But it’s less about comparison. We may get to that. It’s more just that even for myself, in my 1 of 1 type model of myself, I feel like I have many more ideas that I can handle. And yet, and yet, I am in search of more ideas. Sometimes. But most of the time more precisely. I am looking for ideas everywhere I go. I am looking for people with net new ideas. My brain craves these things. New stories. New philosophies. New modes of thinking.

I have a lot of ideas. It’s a thing I actually like about myself. I never find myself at a wall. Perhaps my version of the wall forms not because I have too many ideas but rather because sometimes I have trouble deciding which idea to pursue. Sometimes, though, I just decide to pursue all of them. That strategy only sometimes works.

Too many ideas. Not enough time. What to do about that?






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