Modern language—at least the American ENGLISH that I am used to—lacks the richness required to appropriately evoke VIBES. I do and will try nonetheless but this realization is frustrating to a degree I only recently appreciated.

How can you describe Kobe in 08 using ENGLISH ADJECTIVES? How can you describe the FEELING YOU GET when you read Harry Potter for the first time? How can you describe Ye in the studio? How can you evoke the feeling of UNDERSTANDING what an integral is for the first time?

If you do not immediately FEEL the above scenes, then you probably never will.

There are no english words that I know of that I can use to help you FEEL what it was like watching Freddie Mercury perform live. I do not know what it was like—I have only seen the Youtube videos. But the vibes were so strong that even through the computer I got a taste of greatness. Of vibes. Of vibes that have probably not been matched since. Of vibes that you could not tell some chatGPT thingy to curate (or at least not yet).

The vibes were of PURE HUMAN EXPRESSION. Of Authenticity. Of Winning (with a capital W).

So if you have to ask about these things, perhaps you will never know. There is no textbook definition or encyclopedic answer.

And this list OF VIBES that I am mentioning—they feel both fundamental to life (the experience of life) AND endless. They make up all that is truly rich in life. Rich in a way far beyond money. Rich in a way that delivers meaning.

I think this may be what EVERYTHING is for. For the vibes.

I feel sad that we, using modern english, lack the richness to crystallize and share THESE MAGICAL VIBES with the world.

  • How can I recreate the vibe of traveling alone in Central China getting lost while listening to a Tim Ferris podcast?
  • How can I recreate the vibe of walking into a France versus Belgium soccer game with Omi’s Cheerleader playing in the background?
  • How can I recreate the vibe of shabbat dinner growing up with all my closest friends and families.


Although we cannot use language to describe them, what is life without them? Truly, what game are we playing?

Feeling these vibes are UNDERRATED. We try. We try to recreate them. We play certain songs and look at certain pictures and watch certain videos.

Aside, but what if one day we could program these vibes into your dreams?


We long for them. We cannot describe them but we need them. We love them.

And we chase money around in circles, accumulate assets, so we can SPEND MONEY TRYING TO BUY VIBES.

But it turns out that many vibes are not directly for sale. It takes a long time for people to learn this. Me telling you this doesn’t really help. You have to feel the disappointment yourself to really internalize the lesson. You have to be sad for you to appreciate the happiness.

And then you’ll learn the painful lesson. You cannot buy feeling truly loved. Feeling truly loving. Feeling truly safe. Feeling like a winner. Feeling truly yourself.

Money will buy you the facade. But you will know—even if they do not—that you are a fraud. That you do not fit into the vibe. You will look like a loser dancing. Not because you are dancing like a loser or because you are making funky movements (funky movements are dope). But because you do not INTERNALIZE THE VIBE. You do not live it yourself.

No matter the money—you cannot just recreate the GREATNESS THAT IS JAY Z BUMPING HIS HEAD IN THE STUDIO. That is a vibe. A 1/1.

You cannot hit me hitting the game winner in pickup basketball junior year of college. You cannot. I promise you. You cannot beat the fist bump afterwards and the celebration. Truly impossible.

The vibe is not competition. The vibe is being authentic. And finding the scene that appreciates that authenticity makes all the difference.

So find your vibe. If you search too hard, you will glaze over them.

Find your vibe.