the most interesting story

I think a lot of my motivation for life — many of the things that give me energy — can be boiled down into a simple ask: “what makes for the most interesting story?” And more precisely, what story can I think about in the shower or right before bed that makes me feel the most satisfied/good?

Is this a healthy way to live? That I am not sure. But, boy, do I love a good story.

I imagine I’m not the only one with this type of answer. But it does feel like there are other motivations of course for decision making and priorities. For instance, in helping others. Or impact. Or etc.

My answer feels a bit vain to me. Almost like I am living my life for the ability to talk about my life. Feels kind of ridiculous. Like I want fun stories, but is it about telling the stories to others or is it more about the actual experiences.

This is a bit into the details. Perhaps pedantic in ways. But I like going into the details. Helps me often see the bigger picture better.

When I say the most interesting story, I think what I enjoy is the rush of energy I get when the actual story is playing out. Either all at once or over many days or years even. I like the arc. I like the ups and downs. The problems, the solutions, the failed solutions, the comebacks. I like those characteristics.

Life without the arcs feels boring to me. Or too stable perhaps.

Sometimes I am in conversations and I am consciously asking myself – what would be the most interesting version of this conversation or day or product or etc.? And I start to think about that.






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