the Limiting Resource Is Energy

I think energy is basically the limiting resource. I think momentum is what people crave in life. They want things to work. People have different rhythms for sure – but people just want their music to play. So there’s many ways to live. I am not arguing against that. But they want their way of living – of doing – of being and existing – they want it to hum.

What people need is energy.

Companies need the same thing. That’s what the lame companies are missing. EPIC energy and momentum.

I’m biased because I think I’m good at delivering an effective type of energy. And I believe that’s true and valuable and unique. But it’s not applicable to all scenarios. Some scenarios may do better with a different type of energy. Like in the recording studio or writing poetry, as two such examples.

But companies – especially small companies – they need energy. Big companies, too, but big companies are more confusing because they have such a mix of energy.

People need energy. That’s where it all starts.

I am interested in the operating rhythms of organizations. How do they build momentum. How do they create music. How fast do the beats move.

I recently joined a few new organizations. Epic to see how the pulse of the organizations run. How the vibes feel. Hard to describe with words. More of a you know it when you see it type of thing. See and feel, really. I definitely am starting to feel it.


Remembering that.






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