the kid’s table

Do you miss the kid’s table? I do. I hope you know what I am talking about. I am talking about that table that was let off the to the side where only the kids could go sit. Separate from the adult table. The adult table — who knows what was going on over there. Well, now we do. We all sit at the adult table.

The difference between the kid’s table and the adult’s table is actually pretty simple. Adults care what other people think, and most all adults conform/game that fact. They try to pander to one another. There is posturing. There is politics. There is politeness.

Kid’s table had far less of that. People did and said what they thought, without a big filter. We are all happy ish four year olds. I mean we cry. But it’s real. We are present. And we are expressing our emotions.

Adults postulate because it’s the “right” thing to do. You can only graduate to the adult’s table once you can do that. And we look at that as a sign of progress. As a sign of growing up. But what if that is worse? Like what if that is actually a sign of failing and losing touch with yourself?

So much of our life today is contructed around getting to the adult table. All of primary and middle and high school is aimed at getting you to the adult table which is college. And then college they are like hey there is an even shinier adult table and it’s like consulting or big tech or banking. And then it’s grad school. And then it’s starting a family. Then it’s kids. Then it’s like YOOOOOO I AM AT THE ADULTS TABLE CALM DOWN AND BTW I LIKE THE KIDS TABLE BETTER.

You cannot go back to the kid’s table is the thing. Like you could try. But you tend to be too far gone. You tend to be too far stuck in the world of thinking, then saying what you think. Instead of just saying what you think.






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