So many people I know seem stuck. At least to me, as an outsider, observing some of the people around me. And I look at them. I see their eyes glazed over. And I see them as products of the products they are around. Basically nothing is left beyond that. They wake up and check Instagram stories and go to bed and check Instagram stories. Their lives revolve around the likes and the followers and the comments and the pseudo-clout. They seem stuck.

I have written a bit about this state before. I used to perhaps view it in a state of judgement. Like they were evil of sorts. I still judge. But now I feel sad. Like how did they get here? It is more of a curious state than it is a critical one. If I am critical of anything, it is of the systems that got us here. That took super alive 4 year olds and transformed them into people controlled by the machines.

I know this sounds dramatic. It is dramatic. It feels like an amount of people are talking about this. But we kind of told those people to relax. Like tech is awesome. Shut up!

I can think tech is awesome. And I can believe these systems are droning us. Turning us into hamsters of sorts — just existing to get to the next level of popularity.

This is where my crazier take comes to fruition that AI is already here. We are all so worried about artificial intelligence coming in and taking over the world. At us losing control.

My feeling is that AI is already here and has already won.

We all exist in systems that we do not understand. Controlled by things we do not understand. With network effects we do not understand. With artificial rules and artificial culture. Telling us what we can and cannot do.

The AI has already won. So it’s a question now if we can make a comeback of sorts because I already believe that artificially intelligent systems are the status quo.

And not realizing that — not as a conspiracy of sorts — but just as like a no bs reality check that like hey this is a problem and we all live in systems we feel stuck in today.

You may read the above as projecting or perhaps saying I have escaped one or the other. I do not think either is especially true…moreso that I just feel aware of the idiocracy.

And I want to get unstuck. And I want to get other people unstuck, too.