small team

Working on a small team where everyone is invested and driving towards a unified vision is one of the most special feelings I have ever experienced. Have you ever? Perhaps in youth sports – where the only thing on anyone’s mind was winning the game, and hopefully winning the tournament over the weekend. Or at work, perhaps at a small startup or within your team, and all anyone wants to do is make this the best quarter ever. It’s a rather simple concept. It’s not fancy. You do not need a lot of people. In fact, probably the number I am thinking about is something like 5 to 10 people maximum. And you need them united. Locked in. You respect everyone out there. You believe and trust everyone out there. And your united passion is felt by everyone in the room. You wake up looking forward for the battle. You look forward to the challenges ahead. The challenges are really a big piece of what makes the fight fun. If it were really easy, it would not be fun. Also, if not everyone was bought in. If you did not trust the others. If you felt above the others. And if you were being held back by the other.s Again, would not be very fun. But there is that special sweet spot. That balancing point. That if you can make work. Well, it can really be valuable. It can really make a big difference. In your mood. In your performance. It’s a flow to life that’s rare but if you unlock it, you’ll know it when you see it.






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