sit down and do real work

There’s so much fake work out there. I have written about this before. But I caught the plague. Years ago. Lost the ability to sit down and focus and get the important things done. And actually think. I didn’t fully lose the ability – like I could still do it – but so often my mind was drawn to being a politician. To being a charlatan. To just playing games. Games that surface level matter. That you can make motion around. That you can win prizes around. But games in my heart I knew were easy. They were just about bringing energy to the table and mixing it around. It was not about doing actually novel thinking. I could play the motion game all day. And I did. In many ways it did generate value. In some ways it was fun. But in lots of ways it killed me.

It killed me because I knew in my heart it was not real. That was not the problem, though. It was that I did not know what story to tell myself. Because telling myself that it’s real – well that is fake. Really lying honestly. And so I was without a story, and at the time I was grasping hard for that story. Desperately trying to figure out what is the appropriate story to think about before I go to sleep.

But then I realized, and you will see the meta spiral developing here — that there is no “appropriate story.” There is no right thing. The real thing is just the raw thing. The present thing. The doing the thing without thinking all too much about the meta.

That’s the trap I fall into. As you can see by this and many other pieces – what if I just wrote the simple thing. Stopped thinking so much about the meta. The machine. I think I could produce so much more if I just sat down and did the work. Set a timer. And went. Thought a bit less about the angle. Sure there’s a time and place for thinking about that stuff. But not in the line of duty. Not while running the race. Not while lifting the weights. Just breathe and go. And produce. Think hard, yes, but do more.

I think a lot of us would benefit from doing more sitting down and doing the work. And by a lot of us, it obviously starts with me. I think you can get a lot more done than you think possible by focusing on what matters. That is not to say you can’t be involved in several projects. I just think you can impress people by truly how prolific you can be when you commit to really getting shit done. Put your phone away. Put twitter away. And get shit done.






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