showing up

I basically fully believe you can figure anything out. In my heart I believe that. I hedge a bit by saying well like “I don’t want to do that” BUT if I did, I could. Like I fully believe if I spent the rest of my life trying to do basically anything, I could. Weird how crazy that is. Because surely it’s not true. But I basically still believe it. Like if I wanted to be president, I think I still could be. Even though it’d be the craziest most random trajectory in the history of presidents. Because I am not at all optimized or set up for that today. The story I tell myself is just like I don’t want to do it. But I could.

Part of me finds that to be a lazy story. Like a lie.

But another part of me is saying like the disclaimer – the disclaimer that I don’t want to. That’s probably what a lot of people tell themselves. And who cares whether or not you can. What matters. What really leads to basically anything. Is people actually doing things. I think that is what makes any difference at all. Is actually doing anything.

So like if you just internalize that. You also realize that the difference is doing. That’s all. Like just showing up. That makes a big difference. And caring. Most people don’t care about most things. But if you can just care. Well that makes all the difference.

And also that words don’t really mean much. I mean you can talk a lot. Say a lot. But in terms of what matters – at least to me – it’s about the people who show up.

I feel like my dad told me this. It’s like we all have 24 hours a day. A bit trite to say. But your priorities are shown with your actions. Not what you say. Not what you make as excuses. If something is important to you, you make time for it. And if it’s not, you don’t. It’s that simple.

So many people tell you to your face they care about you. But if they don’t call you or whatever, then no, they don’t really. Or perhaps they do, just not as much as other things.

You can learn pretty quickly what people care about. But it’s not by asking them. If you ask them directly, they will create this facade that does not really make a lot of direct sense.

If you instead find out how they spend their time. Truly. Like the 24 hours they have. That will tell you what they care about.

If they have a job they hate, they may spend some time there. But it won’t fill everything.

People magically find time. They find time to brush their teeth. To talk to their favorite people. To read their favorite things.

No one is that busy. I mean people are busy. People have it rough.

But they find time.

And the delta. Or the thing that shows what matter. Is rather straightforward. It’s just what they do. It’s the showing up that really matters.

It sounds so simple. But it really is what separates people.






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