Perhaps there is a correlation between sensitivity and intelligence. Perhaps being more sensitive would mean you are actually being smarter.

This would come as a bit of a surprise. Or at least a shock — to the many people around the country who shame sensitivity. Perhaps growing up you were told to be less sensitive. You were told to toughen up, and tough it out.

And perhaps there is a time and place for that. In certain situations, the “smart” thing to do is perhaps to just “be tougher.”

But this mantra perhaps lacks the appropriate nuance to actually be useful or effective. This is often true with general expression — they are used generally, but rarely apply generally.

The problem with the advice of just “stop being sensitive” is it misses out on a lot of the useful nuance. In many situations, being more sensitive to the situation actually allows you to see more sides of the coin, thereby allowing you to make a “smarter” decision.

This can be hard to enact in practice.

It’s kinda like when Superman gets his power where he can see through walls. And at first, this power is super debilitating. He is overwhelmed with information about the world. His vision is flooded. He cannot see anything.

But eventually he is able to turn this sensitivity into a strength. A power that so many others wish they had – and something that allows him to fight and act smarter, so that he can save the world of course!

Sensitivity may not be a horizontal/general thing in the capacity that it may only apply for you in certain domains. You may have high taste sensitivity but low smell and high thinking etc. etc.

Sensitivity does not need to mean soft. It does not need to mean you don’t work hard or you cannot take strong direct feedback. I think that’s the connotation today and I find it misleading.

I see sensitivity more as awareness.

It’s not clear to me whether this sensitivity stuff can be taught or learned or if it’s moreso something you are born with or perhaps it is a combination of everything.

I find at times so debilitated by my sensitivity. This is paired with an embarrassment of sorts — I don’t want to be sounding “too sensitive.”

Other times, though, I find it to be an extreme superpower. Like holy I can see through walls basically!

Harnessing it has been and probably will continue to be a lifelong journey. One that I am aware of and excited for.