new project – biology

I am starting a new project. I am going to learn biology. One of my issues is that when I say I am going to learn biology, I myself do not know exactly what that means. One of my goals is to get there. To understand precisely how biology works today, particularly around drug discovery and perhaps the pursuit of ending disease.

It’s been a while since I embarked on a rather open ended learning journey. One like this at least. Since at least college. But even then – was I really taking classes that I was genuinely curious about as the main priority? Probably not. Even then I was not making 2 hours a day dedicated to learning one topic, because, well I wanted to do that.

But now…now I am. Now I am committing myself to read about biology for 2 hours a day, every day. I think I can do it. I will surely make the time to do it.

I think having an objective like this in my life will feel great for me. I think there’s going to be a terrible period up front. Where I am reading and not really getting anywhere. But eventually, at some point, things will start to click. Click in a more material way.

So similar to how I made the gym and running a priority, I need to make this a priority. A ritual. A practice. A thing I do daily and really get into a rythym around.

I am going to document my learnings as well.






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