moving to london

After staying in London for just a week, I decided that I am going to move here. I am not sure for how long. But I am going to come back in a few months and move here. What does that say about me? What does that say about how I think about making decisions? It’s hard to describe the inputs into my decisions. I try to. That’s one of the reasons I write. I write to hash things out. I have written that many times before. About the power of writing. Anyways. So I have decided I am moving to London. Perhaps it’s the parks. Or the streets. Or the culture. I think the last part may be a big part of it. The culture feels unique and different. Like NYC. But also I feel way less FOMO here. I feel way less pressure here. I only know a few people. I really only know like four. And so, my days are not spent chasing around people. Not that they need to be in NY. But I just feel pressure to find my people there. I have a lot of them. Here, though, I just feel, more present. I feel like there’s a lot to learn. I feel like there are new things to explore. I feel close to the rest of Europe. I feel close to life. Like there’s a lot to do and see. Sure, I accept that the weather could be better. But there are always problems to find if you are looking for them everywhere. I am confident in my decision. I’ll be back relatively soon.

This is another short essay. Soon, and I say soon with confidence, these essays will improve. I’ll start really leaning into writing. Right now, I am rushing to get ideas out. It has been that ways for a few months really. Always rushing to get the ideas out. Never really pushing though. Stopping when I get bored or feel like something else sounds more enjoyable. What a lazy move. Soon.






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