mind versus body

The mind versus body thing is a thing I have been thinking about more and more lately. Some people describe it as a war of sorts — your mind versus your body. Others more of a symbiotic relationship. Regardless, I think it’s fairly clear that it is a relationship. It is a thing that needs to be coordinated. Perhaps not intentionally coordinated. You do not need to tell your mind to tell your stomach to break down food. But this whole system this whole thing does need to be orchestrated. And it is not always a particularly peaceful orchestration. At least it seems. There are things I do that my mind wants me to do that are clearly not good for my body. My organs. Yet I do them. But why? Why would I do things that actively hurt my body? Well the answer is probably that my mind has power over my body and will do things to protect the fragility of my mind over what saves the body. This war has been and is fought for our entire lives. Until, well, we die, at which point our bodies die and our minds either die and/or are transported into any artifacts we leave behind. We can debate the afterlife — or artificial versions of the afterlife — in a different stream of conscious, but what I am thinking about right now is the relationship that we were just describing. I like referring to this all in the we state because I feel like language does this whole system an injustice when it refers to ourselves as one individual thing. We are not an individual, really. We are the makeup of lots of things. Lots and lots of things that have multiplied in every dimension. Every previous version of ourselves. Every future version of ourselves. Every internal disagreement we have. We are constantly coordinating in every one direction. Our mind tries to make sense of all of this, and often does by trying to establish a hierarchy or ordering. Most of the time the mind follows a free energy principle of sorts where it just chooses basically the lazy answer. The one right in front of us. As most animals do. Except we are a bit different because we seem to care, or at least artificially care, at different layers of abstraction. It’s not just choose the thing right in front of us, it’s more choose the thing right in front us that cures our anxiety that we are currently feeling (or fear or etc.). I think in the modern day our minds are winning out. Like people are making more decisions around what is good at satiating their current minds over what is good at their bodies. I mean we are barely even allowed to talk about feelings anymore without being culturally shamed. There’s a prohibition on the topic, as it has been monopolized by people who have never really thought about feelings at any sort of variety of implications. The mind versus body battle is a thing long understood by humans in very different form factors. Religion tries to answer this question for us. But I think a powerful explanation — something that would work extremely well in the modern world — would be a scientific explanation of the mind-body relationship. Something rooted in biology and physics, but also incorporating a healthy dose of spirituality. This convergence does not really exist in common discourse but does happen in small circles. I imagine that this could be the next great religion, the next great god of sorts — the alignment of the future (that includes not just us, present us, future us, past us, and also all the plants and trees and technologies we create in the future.

The mind versus body battle will multiply. It already has. To incorporate all things.






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