make everything a movie

Whenever I am trying to solve a problem of sorts, I tend to draw out the problem on some sort of linear timeline. A funnel call it or some sort of diagram appears in my head that tries to turn the problem into an equation of sorts. With this image in my head, I then think about working backwards from what it would be like to “solve said image,” and then quickly try to come up with a plot of sorts that fulfills that outcome. I work backwards, and I find this to be the most productive and efficient way of getting something done.

I think about it like: “if we were to make a movie on this topic, and it was the best movie in the history of movies, what would that look like?” And then from there, I simply ask myself: okay, the lighting then needs to be X and the costumes Y and the characters Z.

Let’s make it a movie!

This sort of analogy…I do not know when I exactly started doing this. Perhaps it has always been this way. But the way my mind seems to work is in this mode where I think of everything like we are making a movie, with the objective being how do we make the movie as _awesome_ as we possibly can.

I apply it to essay writing. To product development. To cooking. To figuring out vacations.

In so many ways, the thing I care about doing, is producing things that are great. And I say that, knowing I have not produced a lot of great things in my life, but that I am hoping I will be able to in the coming years. Things that meet my quality bar. And beyond that, things that are really movies that I would want to actually see.

I think many of the movies out there in the world today. Many of the product experiences. And dining experiences. And etc. They are just lame. They are boring movies. I would not want to attend. The creators of said movies would not want to attend. There has to be something better. And achieving said better state I believe will not happen by accident for people. In other words, I think being intentional about actually making a movie. Wanting to make something great. And being thoughtful about that. And caring about the details. And the big picture. Avoiding getting stuck in mediocirity. That is obviuosly hard. But that is where the alpha is. That is how you can go ahead and make an amazing movie. You don’t do that by accident. Forget that last part of the argument around doing it by accident or not – surely there are discoveries made by accident. But I mean repeated excellence.

Now getting away from the main point – I think this framework of thinking about things through this movie lens can be really powerful if applied to what you’re doing. It helps you sift through noise quickly. Filter out what’s important. And sell something that actually resonates with the audience. I feel like for a lot of my life I have been making these stories in my head. I even give them distance and a platform of sorts when I write them down. But I really think about most all things in this manner. Not sure if unique but I know I am getting a lot of reps in at doing this. Working out that muscle. Thinking about stories. Over and over. Blank idea to all the details filled in. Quickly. Over and over.

Some people I find don’t have that energy or something is missing. They are missing the sensitivity really it feels like. Like they do not see the details. They do not see the big picture either. It feels like all the colors are just flat. Like they don’t get the vividness. And as a result the movie is lame. At least to me. The products the food the music. It all needs to be vibrant. It needs to be full of life. It needs diversity. It needs care. It needs life.

So if we make everything a movie, we should do that angling towards making the best movies ever. Movies that we all actually want to watch — that we want our parents to watch, and our kids, and our kids kids.






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