kids who you think are adults

So this is another one of those essays that probably comes across like complaining. I am writing it anyways. Perhaps one day I’ll unlock or evolve into a new character. But for now you are getting neurotic me. The guy who needs to warn himself against making the same mistakes over and over.

The mistake I make perhaps most often in life is overestimating other people. Well maybe not clearly always that direction. Maybe I sometimes underestimate them, too. The direction is not really the point. The point is that my expectations are off.

About really most things.

Like I am not great at predicting how they will react. It’s a fool’s endeavor perhaps. But I am that fool. And I must remind myself of that often.

Because on one hand I’m quite good at guessing. On another hand, I feel let down often. Because I overestimate. Perhaps that is the point.

And the thing I wish I could save myself from is that frustration. That pain. That sadness, really. When I am let down.

Because I meet all these people. They exist in the workplace. And like they look like adults. Like real adults. Dress like them too.

Yet they act like kids!!

Like they are so bad at so many things. They so clearly just want to be heard. You can see them as like a 3 year old. Begging really for attention.

Begging to be heard.

And their parents don’t come pick them up.

So you see them suffer.

Not now. Not as adults. Now they are always heard. Because they always talk. They project. They must get it out. They must!

It’s a coping mechanism. It’s protection. And they are blind to it. Because they are adults now and they can do what they want.

But they are really just kids in adult clothing.

And I am fooled by it. Time and time again I am fooled.

I think of them as adults. I expect them to think more rationally. But how irrational of me. How foolish. How silly.

Time and time again. I am wrong. I am frustrated. I am sad and disappointed.

But I am the fool. I am the one overestimating. Consistently. Why do I fall in these traps?






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