When you are stuck on something, just invert the problem. This is a fairly simple framework—unclear if you can even really call it a framework—but has served me well in the past.

Consider inversion a tool you can use to continue momentum in a particular direction by unblocking the current obstacle. And the approach is quite simple. All you have to do is ask yourself the inverse question for whatever it is that you are facing.

If you are wondering how you should spend your time today, consider making a list of how you should NOT spend your time today.

If you are wondering what essay to write today, consider making a list of all the essays you do NOT want to write today?

If you are wondering [x], consider making a list of what you do not want associated with [X].

X can be everything from deciding what you want to eat today or deciding what company to build.

Most people are not particularly rigorous in answering these sort of prompts. They keep things high level. This will unlock ~some clarity but not nearly as much as you need to achieve true object level richness. The more you take the prompt literally and really drill into opinionated details—things that may be controversial/biased in some capacity, the more likely you are to achieve real clarity.