i am speed

Do you remember that one scene in the movie cars where lightning mcqueen — the main character — is sitting in the garage getting ready to race. Okay I recognize this is a “kids movie” (whatever that is supposed to mean!) but just watch it.

it’s a short clip, just watch it

Well, do you ever feel that way? Like you are in the tunnel right before the game. You have put the work in. And it’s just time to do. It’s time to unleash. To let the words fly. To show the world. To turn on the lights.

There should be a word for that feeling. It transcends excitement.

It almost feels like cheating in ways because there is a clear arbitrage of sorts ahead of you. You know who you are. You know the work you have put in. You know what is about to happen. But the world doesn’t. They do not yet realize what is about to happen. They do not realize that you are about to go out and make a joke of whatever is ahead of you. Not because you are some insane cocky radical. No. Because you have actually put the work in to a degree of competence that is genuinely unrecognizable for the other people in the competition of sorts.

This feeling applies across domains.

You can feel this way in sports. You can feel this way in work. You can feel this way before you go out on a run. You can feel this way before you go out and give a speech.

And wow it can feel good. Good to finally unveil your powers. It’s less about the world recognizing it, I mean that may feel a type of way, but it’s more an animalistic feeling of like I’m ready to roar. Like you have been in the cave training. You have seen the darkness. You have fallen down. More than once. And now you are ready to get up and roar.

Sometimes it is in front of an audience but that is besides the point. You are going to prove to yourself, as you have in practice, that now is your time. Time to go speed. Time to show out. Time to turn the lights on and do what you do best.

I hope most everyone can find this feeling in their lives. Can find a thing that they will just go out and obliterate. Can find an area where they can really do their best work. In a way that is unmatched and unrecognizable to most anyone else’s work.

That is mcqueen.