I moved to London. That’s the introduction to this essay. But it’s not what top of mind. Yes, I moved to London AND I also have a ton of foot pain. I really want to be excited to be here. I am. I really really am. In a way that words don’t describe well. But all I can think about is this foot pain. I wish I could run. And be healthy. Instead — instead, I’m complaining about my foot. Well I’m not complaining that much publicly. More to myself. And I guess also to this blog.

I feel like I need to write a lot more. Now that I’m here. Well I move into my new place next week. So once I’m settled in, I think the writing will really be able to start.

But the foot pain.

The pain is just there in the back of my head. Almost like a tax. It hurts. It blocks my ability to focus on the moment. And what did I do to create this mess? I’m not sure.

I can’t focus.






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