how to WIN

I am surprised that no one told me this earlier. There is an extremely easy way to win at basically anything in life. It is not a magic formula. It is not voodoo stuff. But I promise it works. You will be shocked. It is an extremely boring formula, but I think I can _basically_ guarantee it will work for you.

Here it is, the win at basically anything in life formula:

This is an extremely tactical formula. There is no fluff. There is no motivational BS required.

All you have to do is follow the instructions below. And you will LITERALLY achieve anything you want to.

Open up a blank page (can be physical or digital). Write what you want to achieve big picture (for example, say that one day you want to go to the moon, you can write that down. Another example could be saying you want to be able to dunk a basketball). This is your Northstar. Write it in big letters at the top of your page.

Next, write the first step you are going to take to achieve that goal. For dunking a basketball, the first step may be, you want to increase your vertical to 25 inches.

Next (do not worry, we are nearly there), you are going to write three inputs you are going to do TODAY in order to achieve this objective. Be as rich and specific as possible with your language.

Make these things—let’s again call them inputs—as OBJECTIVE AS POSSIBLE. Make it so that anyone could objectively figure out if you did those things. Simple is better than complicated. And make the success criteria as clear as possible. For instance, you may say that one of your inputs in this example may be: “workout.” This is a lame answer. Lame because it adds no richness. Be PRECISE! Go to the gym and run for 45 minutes on the treadmill at a a pace of at least 8:40 seconds per mile. THAT has enough richness so that you can objectively evaluate yourself.

Now, the absolute most important part—DO THE THINGS! This is a critical step that a lot of people miss. They create this fancy plan (note: the above plan is not fancy. It is simple, but some people build fancy plans. This creates a lot of motion but often does not create progress). So, you make the plan, and then you do the thing. If you don’t do the latter, you will not win. So do the latter. Have a high say/do ratio.

This is all materially easier said than done, but this is where you separate yourself from the academics. The people theorizing. Get in there. Get in the river. DO THE SHIT. If you don’t, you will not achieve the objectives.

Fast forward. You have done the thing. Now check the box on the screen. DO THE THINGS. CHECK THE BOXES. REPEAT. REPEAT. REPEAT>

That is it. You now know the formula. Literally, if you want to be President or if you want a six pack, you just need to do the above.

To help with this, you should also be wary of distractions. So once you write down the three objectives on the page, consider asking yourself: “does spending energy (or money) on this *thing* increase my likelihood of achieving my objectives?” If the answer is yes, the next question is: “does spending energy on this thing—rather than all other things I could be spending energy on—MOST (really top 3) increase my likelihood of achieving my objective?” If the answer is yes, then consider doing it.

That is it. That is the magical formula. You might not be shocked—but I promise it works. Simply SPENDing TIME on the right things has two components: 1) spending the time and 2) figuring out what the right things are. Both parts are challenging, do not get me wrong, but done in combination can lead to really miraculous results.

There are a few potential challenges with the above method that I will now discuss.

The first involves dealing with people beyond just yourself. Things get more complicated once you inject more people into the equation. People get distracted easily and put their personal objectives about the objectives on the sheet. I wish there was a simpler operating system to COORDINATE humans but we still have not really *figured that out* (I would not call Slack a tool that actually drives productivity. It would? be powerful if we could figure out a tool that actually streamlined and supercharged the coordination problem. Said tool would unlock a lot of progress. What if coordination was as simple as the paper method described above?). You would be surprised, or not, at how few adults top quartile of the US (the most advanced country in the world some would say) ACTUALLY GET SHIT DONE. 3 things a day. 3 inputs that drive an output. An output that drives an overarching northstar.

That is all it takes.

The other tricky thing, you may say, in looking at the above is you may say: “well, if you want to create an amazing album, you cannot just program it.”

I think that ~may be true today but is largely a symptom of us not understanding HOW INFRASTRUCTURE INFLUENCES RESULTS. If we could engineer infrastructure that made things in life more deterministic—a)that would be extremely vaulable (a true bicycle/motorcyle for the mind/hard work and b)we could EXPLAIN why things happen.

I do not think we will ever perfectly engineer why LIL YACHTY sounds so good. The vibes are not easily explainable. They are not easy to reproduce.

So what do you do if this is your definition of winning? Reproducing Yachty? I do not think we know how to answer that question yet because it would appear to me that the delta has to do with AUTHENTICITY.

Can you win authenticity repeatedly? Can you program it in people? Can you get them to believe in something so much that it comes off as authentic, even though you are the one writing the script all along?

That…that is a seriously unsolved question.