flights are underpriced

I sometimes find myself complaining about the cost of flights. I am sure you have found yourself in this position as well. Like perhaps you are preparing last minute for a trip and you see all the flights and they cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. And you roll your eyes. Ugh, why is this so expensive.

Or perhaps you are actually going on a flight. So you’ve already bought the ticket and you just entered the airport. And again you are finding yourself complaining about the line at security. Or how annoying the process of flying is. As they are basically stuffing you into some metal thing tube that is about to go in the sky.

Or maybe you are actually sitting on the plane. And you are upset about how cramped it is. The baby is crying. Oh yes, the baby is crying! And the flight feels like its taking forever and the food is bad.

Or perhaps they are taking forever to bring out the luggage to baggage claim. And you are waiting. You are waiting and wondering to yourself if and when your bag will finally show up, or if you are going to need to be upset with the airport people for losing your bag.

Or perhaps the Uber is taking forever to get there and you have to take a shuttle somewhere else. And it’s raining outside.

This sucks!

The complaints go on. And on and on. The airport process sucks in many ways (and really I am hoping it is improved).

But then I remember that for something like $1000 you can literally change your entire life.

You can, with just a bit of money, travel to a part of the world that is perhaps completely different than your own. Literally arrive in another planet. Within 24 hours, you can go from sitting on the beaches in Los Angeles to the streets of city-center Delhi. Where no one knows your name. Or cares about you.

All within 24 hours.

You can go from the bustle of NYC to the beaches of Costa Rica. And you can basically start a new life. You can be sitting on the subway one day and literally be on the beach the next.

That is such an amazing thing. Such an amazing contrast. I am not suggesting you do that. I am not suggesting you move and start your life over. But knowing that you could, does that not bring you a sense of freedom? A sense of — hey, worst case, I could literally go move to Australia or Japan or Argentina?

It feels like a backstop of sorts. A way to reinvent life once again. And it’s really made possible by how cheap it is to fly places. And how valuable it is to go out and see the world. I have been addicted to traveling for some time now. And you or I could ask myself what I am running from – because there’s a path worth exploring there. But you can also think about what I’m running towards – and one thing I’m running towards are the vibes. The vibes of a new place excite me. Cities have a certain type of character to them. A type of mood or feeling. Hard to describe with words but you know what I mean. You know that Medellin Colombia feels different than Seoul South Korea which feels different from San Francisco.

And tasting that vibe. Getting to know it. That’s a fun process for me.

So I have hundreds of complaints about airports. They are terrible. Truly. Could be so much better.

But I also know that traveling is all worth it. Flights are still underpriced. They could charge more. I’d still go.






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