coordination costs becomes too high

I used to write a lot about coordination. I mean this was 6 months ago. Not that long ago. I still think a lot about coordination. I think the thing I have forgotten or at least the thing that has slipped to the back of my mind is that coordination basically always becomes the bottleneck for things I work on. I don’t think this is the case for all things. But I do think it’s the case for a lot of things or perhaps most all things. Because, well, the things left to work on are the things that have not yet been solved. They are the remaining items. Other things have been solved in spite of coordination. But many problems require it. Some don’t, though. Like if we solved energy for some reason – perhaps we needed coordination to do it – but for energy being abundant to make an impact, we probably wouldn’t need coordination to get it out in the world. I mean we would likely to maximize its impact.

Besides the point, I was recently reminded of this coordination capital being the constraint bottleneck type thing. I have a bunch of projects going on. Most all are working. But the bottleneck is not even them working. It’s not even really me coordinating from a tactical perspective. It’s more just…eh…caring. Being lazy. Like I am tired of coordinating maybe. I feel lazy perhaps but it’s not even that. It’s just that coordinating is not giving me energy. It’s taking away. And perhaps the easier thing, the simpler thing is just to work on things where coordination matters a lot less. This is very possible for one or even two projects. I am working on like 10. So I’m needing to coordinate amongst all of them. That’s not optimal for a lot of reasons. It’s optimal for a few reasons, though, and can lead to amounts of progress. But what I’ve been thinking about – at least very recently – is again blowing things up and just returning to simplicity.






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