consumed by the story

When I read a book, especially fiction, I tend to get consumed by the plot and arc of the story. I start to obsessively read the book. I feel like I am living in that world. And then everything around me starts to morph into the character arc and story that I have been reading.

The same thing is roughly true for certain moods I can get in after listening to certain types of music or watching certain types of movies.

Weird how that works. How these things we can consume can really influence the filters and lenses to which we see life through.

Makes me think about what if there were/are ways to prompt this sort of thinking. To turn on the filter of sorts intentionally. To feel a type of way, productively. To set the mood.

And should I be doing this more intentionally than I feel like I am doing today? Should there be rituals around these sorts of things?

Short post. Just wanted to get thoughts out.






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