clicking with distance

Many of the topics I have written about over the past few months have resonated cognitively but have missed out on a sense of application. Like, they have made sense in my head. Mainly. But they have not actually been felt or experienced to a degree that really drove the concepts home.

This is common — it’s one thing to think about something. It’s another thing to actually have experienced said thing. Have written about a lot but it’s obvious, at least to me, that your words impact your thoughts. There are lots of names for this theory or this general line of linguistic reasoning. Call it what you wish, but this may and often feels to be a limiting factor of my thinking. The language I have available to me determines how my thoughts come together.

This contrasts from the richness that is experience. There seems to be no substitute for life. For really being out there and being alive. Being in it. Being in the moment. Feeling the ups and downs. The pain and the joy. The richness that is the moment. The present. That’s why they call it a gift type quote.

And so while I can try to come up with theories with words, I find there to be no way to replace just going out and doing things as an important if not essential piece to the puzzle.

And while on the road — doing the bit of traveling I have been doing — I have gotten more and more a taste of that. Looking out at the world, I have been looking through a lens that includes many of the ideas I have been thinking about and writing about. And I have been seeing them! Feeling them! But creating this level of distance – beyond the inner workings of my own brain. That has felt immensely clarifying and satisfying.

Things have started to click more.






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