Can you engineer everything?

This thought touches a lot of similar thoughts I have had around the attractiveness of the logic brain. The logic brain or perhaps there is a better word for it is that part of me, and likely part of you, that so desperately wants THINGS TO MAKE SENSE. Like we want to be able to grasp them and what we end up doing in our contorted brain of ours is try to explain things in such a way that they follow some sort of semblance of logic. This pursuit is the story of much of humanity — especially the last 20 years, as we have rejected all that is unexplainable and instead opted towards “rational explanations of the world.”

This is the premise behind a lot of my thinking and is the motivation behind a lot of what I think about. I want to understand. And so, I turn to trying to engineer solutions to problems I see, and in order for me to engineer said problems, I like to and often feel the need to understand said problems first.

This is where things break down. Both for me and for others. They break down when I try to represent the world on a rational playing field – even though I know, and you know if you are reading this, that that is a silly endeavor, in the capacity that we all know that the world is not rational. Humans are not rational. And it would be irrational to go ahead and try to represent the world as rational.

Any map we draw of how humanity works is unlikely to be accurate.

How does that sit with you? it feels like an absolute statement. It could not possibly be accurate. Admitting that we are incapable of drawing an accurate map and actually accepting that — well that has so many implications upstream and downstream. It rejects the premise that life is anything??? Other than the present. Other than the now. Than the moment.

It rejects the idea that we can even understand what is going on. Even trying to. Or pretending we do. That is all a distraction. In fact worse than a distraction, it is a limiter. A limiter of diversity and sensitivity. Because we cannot handle all that is the world we build up these walls of sorts that mask themselves as logical explanations to problems but in reality they exist only to protect our identities and emotions.

This is the dramatic view. The view that any attempt to engineer things is so short-term minded, so limited in scope, that anything you engineer will not sustain.

How do you feel about this?

This sort of thing really upsets me. I mean I am not crying but if I thought about it long and hard enough I would really rethink my whole existence.

The nuance is everything that statement says. AND no matter how hard we try, we will never appropriately resemble the nuance that is the present. And so we should let the rest go. Let it fly down us. Go through the pipe.

And just accept what is already right in front of us.