believe like it’s real, because it is real

Letting it fly. Coming up with more and more ideas. And actually making them happen. I feel good after I write a long essay. Sure as heck a lot better than I do after watching a long video. I prefer generative conversations. Ones that make you think. That are not predictable. That get you going. I have written about generative energy people before. They are people who are factories of ideas. They get you going. They get you excited. They give you more reasons to keep going as opposed to taking reasons away from you. The mind is this insanely powerful thing. We have the ability to trick ourselves into being in the dumps. Into being lame and sitting at home and not getting anything done. Into getting in our own way. This same power. This same thing that you feel and really know when you are getting held back. This same power can also do the opposite. It can make you feel alive. It can unlock you. It can help you accomplish truly unbelievable things. It’s all in that mind. That mind body connection or whatever people call it. Once you start to really internalize this. This idea that you can make your own rules and play your own games and actually get shit done. Like actually do it. As opposed to just larping around and pretending. Like if you think you can only pretend really you’ll only be able to pretend. The wisdom is that there is no wisdom is missing the point – the point is that we all are and have wisdom. Just doing. Just believing in something as if it were real – that can be enough. The problem is that the scams are close to real but not real. Well let me clarify the scams are not real at all. The scams are fake. But the followers know this too. They know they are being scammed. But they also think it’s real. It’s not binary. And these scams are like so close to being perceived as real – but honestly the audience knows its fake. Its cringe etc. It has bad foundations. But they believe it anyways. For lots of reasons. They are hungry. They want something to believe in. but it’s a bad foundation. But believing in something real. Fully. Wholly. Sustainably. Wow. That’s powerful. That gives you purpose. Gives you a reason to really go. Can change everything. Makes you walk different. Gets you going in a way that while you are in the dumps you can only imagine. Forget it you can’t actually imagine. That’s what getting going can do to you. Get going. Believe in something fully. That’s all you need. Believe like something is real. Because it is real. For no other reason.






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