banning Advertising and labels

I think advertising should be illegal. I am talking about advertising that has permeated society. I think if you were to take a look at society in let’s say 1800 and compare it to society it today. There would be a lot of differences. So so many in every which way. But one of the big things I think you would notice that would be different is just how much advertising plays a role in our society. I ironically I actually took like an elective college class about the history of advertising. It was a silly easy class. But in hindsight, I remember learning about how ads worked, especially in the early 1900s.

There were ads. But now. I mean now ads are everywhere. They are outside. They are on tV. On your computer. ON websites. On your phone. Literally everywhere.

This extends to labels too. Labels are ads. You are reminded of a brand all the time when you look at clothes or even food or boxes or what. My TV has a label on it. On the physical TV I see LG all the time.

What is that doing to our brains? Doesn’t that seem dangerous. Like actually properly dangerous. Like all the time we are being told to consume more. More more more. By these things. By these billboards that have snuck into our lives.

Why can’t my TV maker just trust me. That like I will reach out to them if I feel compelled to do so in the fuutre.

Well the answer is quite obvious that in the short or even medium term advertising is great for brands and products. It reduces market inefficiency you could say by spreading awareness of solutions. And that in theory makes sense.

But in practice there are many negative externalities. It’s really bad. Like I think it’s bad to a degree that a lot of people don’t really realize or appreciate right now. It’s getting worse, too. These ads are basically just leaking into our lives. In every which way.

When you go visit third world countries, they too are getting infected. By mcdonalds and what not. Ads everywhere. It sucks. Its sad. We are destroying peace.

I mean imagine a society without advertising. Imagine how much happier and freer we could feel.






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