active listening

I am trying really hard these days to become a more active listener. It is one of those things — listening — that perhaps you take for granted. At least I, did. But in this day and age, with Zoom meetings going on and the allure of the INTERNET available just a few clicks away, I find myself, like many, getting distracted.

And so, this new practice of mine though perhaps obvious to you all is going into conversations and extremely intentionally looking to be an active listener. Not allowing my mind to wander to potentially more interesting places. But rather getting good at listening to everything the other person is saying.

I often find myself getting bored. Beyond that, I find myself getting at least minorly frustrated with the imprecision of the other person. This happens often. People talk in broad strokes. They externally process and end up contradicting themselves quite often. And these little things tend to set me off. Not really externally but at least in my own head. I get caught in a loop. I start basically judging them and wanting them to stop talking. Or I wish I could at least fast forward them. I start thinking and thinking about thinking and then well ya know I lose the beauty of the present.

The above loop is most certainly my own problem. And so, I am making an effort now to actively listen.






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