24 hours

Starting the day with a win—really a win of any type of magnitude—is a priority for me. It is one of those activities that I very rarely come to regret. I tend to stack a bunch of things in the morning, as it’s when I am most focused and capable of getting a lot of things done relatively quickly.

I do not know how long I have been this way but it feels like forever. I would certainly describe myself as a morning person, especially as it relates to getting things done and professional type experiences. I wake up early, naturally, and it’s never been particularly hard for me to get my day started once I am awake. I like getting up early. It’s part of my personality.

I can stay up late, too. But not naturally. I have to be uniquely excited about something—either going out or something at work, to want to stay awake. I tend to just drift asleep otherwise. My motor moves a lot slower. And I cannot seem to get mundane work done. Or maybe I can do boring things but if I am not excited about them I feel like I’m moving 1/100th the pace of say the same thing that I could be doing when I am at full speed in the morning. That is at least the story my brain tells myself.

And so, and so I lean into the mornings. I have always protected the first say 3 hours or so of the day for things like exercise and checking off tasks that I know I can knock out quickly. Things that I know I can start to build momentum around.

Historically, as the day goes on, I become materially less effective. Not sure if it’s the meetings or the food in my system or the just being tired—but yeah, I think for the first 3 hours, I’m firing.

It also feels just generally good to start the day having accomplished something. That’s one reason I like the gym in the early mornings. Makes me feel good starting the day.

And feeling good goes a rather long way with me. At least in my head. It makes me feel more confident. Makes me feel like I can take on bigger and better things throughout the remainder of the day.

People have all these big plans with life. Like they want to go on and accomplish amazing things. Most of them will not of course. Some will. And, well, we all have 24 hours in a day to accomplish those things. And so, really, like what determines our fate besides external forces is merely us being us. Like what separates us is really how we go about spending the 24 hours.

That’s all.

That’s a humbling feeling. We are dealt different cards in life, sure. But in lots of ways we are playing a game with a similar rule set. 24 hours.

I think most people would be surprised by what you can do in 24 hours. I am, all the time.

I mean in theory I could fly right now to Japan. I would be there within 24 hours. And my entire life and worldview would feel very different not even 24 hours from now.

How insane is that?

I always reflect on that.

That balance between each individual day mattering and then also noticing that success often takes many many days compounded together. I think you can look at them from both points of view. Both can be true. It can be true that you need to maximize each day. And also that days individually do not really matter. Weird how that is.

We all have 24 hours. How we spend it matters. But also doesn’t.

That tagline does not really roll off the tongue.

Which begs to ask — is life short or is life long?

That’s a question…that’s a question for perhaps tomorrow to answer. I got to go.






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