1 Million Words

I am going to write 1 million words.

1 million words is a rather ~weird thing to picture in your head.

It is always very hard to conceive very large numbers. Big amounts of time or space are subjective concepts. We don’t use rationality to get around their quantities, instead, we use feeling. We can feel how very tall a building is or how very large a lake can be.

A large quantity of words might be even tougher to surround in one’s mind. Let’s get beside those abstract ideas and let’s try to answer the following question : What does 1 million words really look like?

As a kid I’ve always asked myself how long it would take me to read 1 million words? How thick a book should be to gather all these characters into one single object. 

How many characters are there in a 1 million word text?Approximately 6’830’395 characters (with spaces) or 5’830’394 characters (no spaces)

How many lines are there in a 1 million word text?Approximately 80’786 lines, on A4 paper using Arial 12.

How many pages is there in a 1 million word text?Approximately 1’796 A4 pages or 1’120’165 cm2 of printed area using Arial 12.

How thick is the spine of a book containing 1 million words?Using Gutemberg’s Spine Width Calculator our 1’796 pages long book would have a spine width of 73 mm with a soft cover.

From Damien Elliot’s essay about 1 million words

Other than publishing 1 million words, I have no other constraints. No time limit. No required topics. No key results. No monetization. Just writing 1 million words.

Similar to being on a long run, when I write, I feel uniquely present. In a world full of noise, I deeply crave this feeling.

Think of this project as a sort of “Ironman Race for thinking.”

And, like all great races, they begin with one step.

Here is me taking that step.






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