purity of writing

There is something uniquely pure about writing. I am talking about the act of writing.

Something uniquely old and almost primal about it. It feels native. Though, as you must know, we were not born knowing how to write — let alone type on our fancy magic machines as we are all mainly familiar with now.

Nonetheless, it ~feels organic. It feels fluid. It feels beautiful. A true merger of the mind and body in a way that feels ~transformative.

We do not have many other examples of technology that satisfies this sort of experience. At least I cannot think of many.

The piano is an example that is somewhat close. People who are really good at playing piano — those people are not me — make it seem like a merger of sorts between their fingers and the keys. It comes across as this fluid experience (as opposed to say a skateboarder who yes can do some magical things, but still looks a bit disjoint).

Compare this with you using your cell phone to scroll through Instagram. It feels in that example that the phone is controlling you, as you crane your neck in an awkward position to monkey through things you know do not really matter.

The purity of writing — of playing the piano — that is what often leads to magic.

I do not know how to explain it. Well, I am trying, in this strange loop as I am writing right now. But I do not know how to explain the why. Why is writing so magical and organic feeling?

Is it something in our subconscious? What exactly is going on where we feel comfortable doing this act? Why? What about it makes it feel both spiritual and scientific?

Sometimes when we try to model complex systems, we miss out on the chaos that really is more representative of the system. We opt for hyperlogic — instead of purity. We want rational explanations to everything.

But it may just be — as I have admitted too many times now on this blog — that that is impossible.

You cannot model spirituality in an equation.

This breaks everything. Any attempt to do the above — which is so many attempts that we see across the world across industries — is bullshit.

And all we want, truly out of life, is to not be bullshit.

This creates such a tension.

A tension I do not know how to solve for. Even saying the word solve. Like it is a thing that could be solved. Well that creates tension because that feels like bullshit.

This is a messy middle.

The only path forward I see is more writing. With what objective? I am not sure.






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